Monthly Archives: March 2012

Often times, clients ask for my opinion for engagement shoot locations but I always like to defer the question back to them.  While a photographer has plenty of ideas for locations, they are often places that already have been photographed, been there, done that.  Asking the clients to choose a location most often leads to […]

After reviewing over +30 applicants, I finally narrowed down the candidates to assist the 2012 wedding season and they are a pretty rad group!  Last night was the first time we all came together to get to know each other as well as to meet & greet my former assistants and 2nd shooters.  This was […]

Details, Details, Details!  This blog post features all the details of a recent special event, where the catering staff at Rosewood Sandhill hosted for an intimate group of Bay Area Wedding Planners where they got to experience the hospitality and service in full wedding style.  This visual feast will surely give you plenty of inspiration […]