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The Wang family is near and dear to my heart.  Nancy is one of my longest best friend of +20 years and it’s been so fulfilling to have a lifelong friendship, to witness a friendship grow and endure the cycle of life, from being teenagers to young adults to becoming women.  Even though we live […]

Just 8 months ago, little Ashley was barely walking and had stranger anxiety.  Our first photoshoot had a rough start but eventually, little Ashley warmed up to “Auntie Vero” (as I like to call myself for children/family photoshoots).  By the end, there were smiles, lots of smiles.  See her first photoshoot here.  It’s very gratifying […]

I had the pleasure of first meeting and photographing the Goel Family years ago when their first daughter Ananya was just a toddler.  Now Ananya has grown to be a smart and sweet girl who is already a great role model for her little sister.  I loved reconnecting with this family.  The Goel’s were one […]