San Francisco wedding photographer, Vero Suh has gained an admirable reputation for her beautiful work. Her career in fashion coupled with love of true expression helps Vero create images that are equally current yet timeless for every client she works with.

Just 8 months ago, little Ashley was barely walking and had stranger anxiety.  Our first photoshoot had a rough start but eventually, little Ashley warmed up to “Auntie Vero” (as I like to call myself for children/family photoshoots).  By the end, there were smiles, lots of smiles.  See her first photoshoot here.  It’s very gratifying […]

I had the pleasure of first meeting and photographing the Goel Family years ago when their first daughter Ananya was just a toddler.  Now Ananya has grown to be a smart and sweet girl who is already a great role model for her little sister.  I loved reconnecting with this family.  The Goel’s were one […]