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When you shoot a wedding all day, you’re bound to get a few “in action” images.  Here are a few shots I collected over the past few weddings that will show you a little bit of how I work a wedding, along side my trusted 2nd shooters and assistants.  Read below to see how the day unfolds!

First I start in the bride’s suite to capture her freshly dolled up look.  This is the time where I capture all the pretty details that play a big part in making a wedding so beautiful, the dress, the shoes and all the bling!

Testing shots of my assistant to make sure the lighting is perfect, which is always accompanied with a movie star pose because test shots just aren’t the same without a little glamour.

Getting down and dirty to get a different perspective of the wedding dress.

Then I work on capturing the groom getting ready, because afterall, he also plays a huge role for the big day.

 After everyone is ready, we head to another location for some portraits shots of the couple and the bridal party.  Here I am sitting alongside the cable car driver, navigating directions to our portrait session location while the bridal party parties it up inside.

Photographers, videographers, 2nd shooters, assistants all jumping in and working together to achieve that special, wind blown, dramatic, kissing under the veil shot.

Suddenly, it becomes very serious and focused for the ceremony because you just can’t miss that special moment, the exchanging of rings, vows and the final kiss.
Another round of test shots for the reception.  Lights dim down, we put up the light stands, plop the huge flashes and test out the lighting before the party begins.

And after all the speeches, toasts and dances, the party hat comes on to celebrate an awesome day capturing a very special day for my awesome clients!

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