NYC Bridal Fashion Week 2015 // Watters Spring 2016 Collection

The Watters collection of bridal and bridesmaid dresses features a suite of one piece and separates that allows every bride to perfect their bridal look. Bridal dresses feature flowing tulle and loose dreamy fits with lace accents across the bodice and back. Bridesmaid dresses feature soft romantic colors such as blush, lavender, and off whites with goddess-style draping and narrow A-line silhouettes.

  • separates // bridal and bridesmaid
  • blush, lavender, cream, off-whites
  • goddess-styles
  • flowly, tulle, loose dreamy fits
  • lace details and draping detailsWatters1Watters2Watters4Watters5-6Watters7Watters8Watters10Watters11Watters12Watters13Watters14Watters21Watters22-23Watters26-27Watters29-30Watters31Watters32-42Watters33-34Watters35Watters36Watters37-41Watters39-40Watters44Watters45Watters46Watters50-64Watters52Watters53Watters54Watters55Watters57Watters58Watters60Watters62Watters65Watters68

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