San Francisco Caltrain Station Engagement // Heather and PJ

Some people meet online, others through mutual friends. But Heather and PJ met the old fashioned way, while sitting on a train on their way to work 7 years ago.  What made this engagement session even more special is where their story was captured… at the location where it all began, in a way that reflected the couple’s love for each other and their bikes.   Perfectly casual and perfectly in love.  Huge thank you to Caltrain for giving us access to an entire train + track for this couple’s epic photoshoot!HeatherPJ_E1HeatherPJ_E2Template_1Landscape4 copyHeatherPJ_E6HeatherPJ_E7HeatherPJ_E8HeatherPJ_E9HeatherPJ_E10HeatherPJ_E11HeatherPJ_E12HeatherPJ_E13HeatherPJ_E14HeatherPJ_E15HeatherPJ_E16HeatherPJ_E17HeatherPJ_E18HeatherPJ_E19HeatherPJ_E20HeatherPJ_E21HeatherPJ_E22HeatherPJ_E23HeatherPJ_E24HeatherPJ_E25

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