Yeh Family, Walnut Creek Family Portraits

Baby Nathan is barely a year old and already full of personality.  He’s so smiley, curious and sometimes even goofy, yes, goofy.  He loves cracking up at his daddy’s funny faces and makes the entire family laugh, including his photographer.  His mommy, Khe, and I used to work together at  Before I left the corporate world to become a photographer, Khe and I once used to sit across each other in marketing meetings, exchanging dense information such as click through rates, conversion, comps and other big corporate terminology.   It’s so wonderful that I can continue having a relationship with my former co-workers in a whole new capacity, capturing their smiles and the essence of their happiness…  These are the moments when I look back and realize that I truly made the best decision leaving my retail career to pursue my passion and become a photographer.  Gratitude.

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